Neiman Marcus Edition Hacker-Craft

John L. Hacker’s Drafting table arrives at showroom

September 19, 2011


The table on which John L. Hacker designed all his boats arrived in the showroom at Silver Bay. The table, circa 1923, was graciously and generously sent courtesy of Charles Hacker of Lake Leelanau, Michigan and John T. Hacker of Jersey City, Texas (brothers; and great nephews of John L. Hacker).

Considered one of the most significant and sought after artifacts in American boating history, it was at this table that Hacker worked his genius for over five decades, producing many of the most famous blueprints of his legendary Hacker-Craft, including Thunderbird, El Lagarto, Lockpat II, Pardon Me, My Sweetie and Miss Pepsi.

Charles Hacker said of the table, “this table has now ‘come back to life’….it is our great pleasure to offer this table for all to see.”