Neiman Marcus Edition Hacker-Craft

World’s smallest Hacker-Craft now in the showroom on Lake George

September 5, 2011


Teddy Coughlin gives the “thumbs – up” sign to the boat being in our showroom!The Roo, a virtual clone of a larger Hacker-Craft Racer, is now in our showroom until next summer.

The boat has a 3’ beam, is powered by a Jetski engine and can do 20 mph. Of course, Hacker-Craft usually rage from 22’ - 30’ in length, with a 7’3” beam.

The boat is owned by the Larters - Coughlins of Silver Bay, where the family has maintained a camp for over 100 years. The boat came to the showroom after discussions with the family.

Torbin “Topper” Grey built the boat in the late 1980’s as a hobby. When he took the boat out for a test run (only the second time it was on the lake) Teddy’s grandfather, Edward Larter Jr., saw the boat. He offered to buy it on the spot. Tim Gautreau, our master boat builder, recalls , “I drove the boat right after it was launched ; it was awesome.”

Teddy’s grandfather was a founder of the Antique & Classic Boat Society (ACBS), founded here on the shores of Lake George. He also owned the famous Hacker-Craft racer, Scotty-Too, a 28’ three step Gold Cup contender, which still remains in the family . His great-great grandfather owned the property on which the Hacker Boat Company’s Silver Bay location now operates.

The tiny boat was put back in service three years ago, after spending fifteen years in storage. Teddy Coughlin gives the “thumbs – up” sign to the boat being in our showroom!