Who Do You Trust?

Trust your boat with the people who have been building, restoring and repairing wood boats for over a century.

Restoration Process at Hacker-Craft …

Once your boat enters the restoration facility…our world-renowned craftspeople will regard each restoration project as though the boat was their own. Their work reflects that care, quality and attention to detail.

Our crafts people’s knowledge and skills are cutting edge regarding every aspect of the process. They will restore your boat to its original condition or make improvements to deliver it like new, while making sure it has the latest advances in materials and technology…all with your approval for each step of the process.

The following outline describes the steps we use in managing your restoration…


Our restoration manager will review the services that you request and perform an evaluation of the boat (if on premises). Next, he will provide a recommended scope of work including a general estimate of the overall cost and cycle time. Our naval architect reviews all the estimates for accuracy.


We will arrange pick up delivery of your boat using trusted transportation services.

Survey and Inspection

After arrival at our restoration facility, our manager and foremen will review the work order. They will perform a thorough survey of your boat – hull, engine, transmission, rigging, hardware, and upholstery to advise if any additional work needed.

Engine and transmission work

If the engine or transmission require service, minor repairs to complete disassembly and rebuilding can be addressed, as necessary. If needed, recommendations for replacement units may be provided. The engine and transmission’s performance are measured by a water test or diagnostic equipment with the findings documented.


The hulls, decks and other wood components are inspected to determine their condition and appearance. Craftspeople can replace wood or refinish it as needed. All damaged or rotted wood may be replaced with genuine mahogany. Every wood component of the boat, notably the stringers will be checked for stability. The West System is used to protect the wood and ensure a minimal prospect of leaks (the West System offers two-part epoxy systems …resin and hardener… developed expressly for boat building and repair, to provide the best physical properties).


The boat’s interior …seating, cushions, upholstery … can be restored or replaced using the original materials or materials with advanced protection capabilities, but with a similar appearance to maintain the boat’s classic aesthetic. All upholstery work is performed on site in our upholstery department.


The finish is the final step in the restoration process. 14 coats of varnish are applied by hand. The result is durable coating of protection that has a mirror-like finish.


Upon completion of the restoration, the boat returned to you in superb condition with a detailed description of the work done and a photographic history of the work.

We offer full restoration services, repairs, and routine maintenance for all brands of wood boats including:

Chris Craft
Fay & Bowen
and more…

Some of our work

30’ Triple Cockpit Runabout Modified To 30’ Special Sportabout



33' Runabout



32' Albany



31' Triple Cockpit



30' Runabout



Our restoration facility is the benchmark facility for restoring and repairing wooden boats. Our world-class services include:

•    Varnishing
•    Side and Deck Planking
•    Bottom & frame replacement
•    Full upholstery and canvas services
•    Painting
•    Engine/mechanical systems installation
•    Engine maintenance
•    General repairs

All work is performed alongside new boats under construction, utilizing the same experienced workforce and high quality materials that make Hacker-Craft world renowned. Every year, clients come to us from all over the world to get the job done right the first time, on schedule, as promised.