The Stylish and Cutting-Edge Hacker-Craft Sterling

The Sterling Runabout is built with the flamboyance of a 1940s Runabout yet constructed with cutting edge technology and materials. Available in 26 and 30 foot models its dramatic lines are accentuated by the greater distance above the water-line and barrel-back transom.

With an 8’ beam, the Sterling is eight inches wider than comparably sized classic Hacker-Craft Runabouts. Design elements adding to Sterling’s panache include beautifully crafted floor vents, light colored center and cover boards plus stylized hardware and dashboard instrumentation. The stylishly sculpted stainless steel bow piece adds to the boat’s dashing design and art deco flare.

The Sterling name honors the Sterling Engine Company. Sterling engines were installed in many of early Hacker-Craft runabouts, including the 1914 Gold Cup racer Buffalo Enquirer.

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